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The Sydney Opera House belongs to everyone. It is a symbol of our dreams and ambitions. Own Our House is a way of expressing your support for this World Heritage masterpiece.

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Rotate, pan and zoom through the building. Select the tallest sail to start your journey. Sit with family, friends or the stars and check out the view. Buy one for yourself or as a gift. Upload a photo and short message to the virtual tile and share it with your friends.

About Own Our House

Against all odds, we built the Sydney Opera House. We take fierce pride in its iconic sails, arching gracefully above the sun-drenched harbour. It embodies our ambitions and inspires us all to dream bigger, to reach further.

The Opera House belongs to everyone. Over four decades, it has delighted visitors from around the world and transformed Australia through the liberating power of art and ideas. Yet, as a 40-year-old building, it is in need of renewal.

In buying a tile for the Opera House's decade of renewal you will help ensure our icon continues to inspire artists, audiences and visitors for many generations to come. The Own Our House campaign will first and foremost support renewal of the building.

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The tiles that cover the Opera House come in two types - the shiny Ice tiles and the rarer matte Snow tiles. The tiles are laid out in sections known as chevrons. Snow tiles line the edge of each chevron. For architect Jorn Utzon, this difference between Snow and Ice tiles echoed his experience of light reflecting off the European Alps. How Snow and Ice tiles reflect the changing light brings the building to life. This is one of its most striking design features. Utzon needed the tiles to be glossy, but not too mirror-like. It took Swedish manufacturer Hoganas three years to produce the desired effect. The so-called Sydney tile was made from clay with a small percentage of crushed stone.

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The tiles are arranged in shapes known as chevrons. This helps create the magic of the sails.

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There are two types of tiles: the shiny Ice tiles ($100) and the rarer Snow tiles ($400) around the edge of each chevron.

SNOW ($400)
ICE ($100)
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