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About Own Our House
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About the Sydney Opera House

About Own Our House

Own Our House is a grassroots fundraising campaign that allows people to demonstrate their support for the Sydney Opera House.

The Opera House is a World Heritage masterpiece that belongs to us all. Over its 40-year history, it has transformed Australia and delighted visitors through its inspiring architecture and the liberating power of art and ideas. For a donation of $100 (for an Ice tile) or $400 (for the rarer Snow tiles), you will own your tile for the Opera House's decade of renewal, launched at its recent 40th anniversary.

You can:
- Choose your tile online and check out the view
- Personalise your tile with a photo and short message
- Join tile communities with famous artists
- Visit your tile and share it through social media
- Search for other Housemates and see what they have done with their tiles
- Buy a tile as a gift

You will receive a downloadable digital certificate for your tile, which can be shared through social media, and a tax receipt for your donation. More importantly, you will be part of ensuring the Opera House remains all it can be for future generations of artists, audiences and visitors.
For full details of the campaign, please refer to the Own Our House Terms and Conditions.

What does it mean to be a Housemate?

A Housemate is someone who owns a virtual Opera House tile, through either buying one or receiving one as a gift through the Own Our House campaign.

Why is the Opera House launching Own Our House now?

We were overwhelmed by the public support expressed during the Opera House's recent 40th Anniversary celebrations. We wanted to give the public a tangible and meaningful way of expressing their support for the Opera House and supporting our long-term renewal goals.

How long will the Own Our House campaign last?

The campaign will run through the decade of renewal leading to the Opera House's 50th birthday in 2023.

About the funds raised

Will Own Our House completely fund the renewal of the Opera House?

No, but it will provide a vital early contribution for the long-term campaign and will be an important demonstration of public faith in the "people's house". Own Our House represents our partnership with the community.

Why does the Opera House need the money?

The Opera House is a not-for-profit organisation that generates 85% of its own operational funding. But this is not about funding our day-to-day operations. Own Our House is about building our partnership with the community to support our renewal. We hope it will demonstrate the breadth and depth of people's love for the Opera House, both locally and internationally.

How will the Opera House spend the money raised?

The Own Our House campaign will first and foremost fund renewal of the building. It will also help ensure that the Opera House is open to everybody.

About the Sydney Opera House tiles

How many tiles are there?

There are 125,000 tiles on the available A2 sail, which is the tallest sail and covers the Concert Hall.

What's the difference between an Ice tile and a Snow tile?

The tiles that cover the Opera House come in two types - the shiny Ice tiles and the rarer matt Snow tiles. They are organised into shapes called chevrons, with Snow tiles lining the edge of each chevron. The contrast in how the two types of tiles reflect light helps create the stunning visual impact of the sails. Buy an Ice tile for $100 or a Snow tile for $400.

Will I own a real Opera House tile?

No, in recognition of your donation to the Own Our House campaign you are receiving a digital version of a tile, which can be accessed through an online replica of the Opera House at

For how long will I own my tile?

You will own your tile for the Opera House's decade of renewal, the 10 years leading up to our 50th Anniversary in 2023.

Can I buy more than one tile?

Yes, you can purchase as many tiles as you want.

Can I visit my tile?

Yes, you may access your tile by clicking on the digital link in the confirmation email. Alternatively, you may enter your name in the "search" field at the top of our homepage at

Buying a tile as a gift

Can I buy a tile for someone else?

Yes, you can buy tiles for friends or family, upload a photo and short message and share it with them via email, Facebook or Twitter. They will also be able to visit their tile. However, an image and short message can only be uploaded by you, at the time of donation. Please remember when choosing the image and text that your recipient's tile, including their name, will be on public display once the donation process is complete.

If I buy a tile for someone else, should I enter my details or the gift recipient's details in the "Personal Information" section?

If you enter the gift recipient's details, the tax receipt will be in the gift recipient's name. If you enter your personal details, you may then tick the box "Is this a gift?" and enter the gift recipient's name and email address. The tax receipt will then be in your name and the tile in the gift recipient's name.

Who will receive the notification email?

You may choose to receive the notification email or have it sent to the gift recipient. Please be advised that the notification email will be sent immediately upon completion of the purchase.

Personalising your tile

Can I personalise my tile?

You will be able to personalise your tile by uploading a photo and a short text message prior to payment. Once you have selected a tile and added it to your cart, a small window will appear next to your tile. Click on the Personalise box. You will be able to write a short message (140 characters) and/or upload a picture. If you choose not to personalise your tile, you can go straight to the Checkout section.

Can I upload any image?

You are free to upload any image. However, the Opera House reserves the right to replace or remove any offensive or otherwise inappropriate images in accordance with the Own Our House Terms and Conditions. You can also choose to use a generic image supplied by the Opera House.

Can I change the image or message once the purchase process is complete?

No, you will not be able to alter the image or message after buying your tile.

What will the Opera House do with my image?

Tile content will be publicly displayed only within the context of the Own Our House campaign, including promotion of the campaign.

Will people's images be projected on to the Opera House itself?

No, but you can see people's images and messages by visiting the online gallery at Over summer, we have special Own Our House pods in the Box Office Foyer, so that people can search the gallery and buy tiles as part of their visit to the Opera House.

I would like my donation to be anonymous. What should I do?

If you would like your name to be withheld from public display at, please email us at or call the Own Our House contact line at +61 2 9250 7000.

Tax deduction information

Is buying a tile tax-deductible?

Yes, purchasing a Sydney Opera House virtual tile by making a donation through the Own Our House campaign is tax-deductible for individuals for the purposes of Australian tax law, whether you have bought the tile for yourself or as a gift. Businesses should seek their own tax advice.

How do I obtain a copy of my tax receipt?

Your tax receipt details will be displayed at the completion of your tile purchase. You will also receive a copy of your tax receipt by email.

Payment options

What are the payment methods for Own Our House?

Own Our House donations can be made online using MasterCard, Visa and American Express. If you experience difficulty with your transaction, call the Own Our House contact line at +61 2 9250 7000 for assistance.

Where can I buy a tile?

The fastest and easiest way to purchase a tile is to visit However, if you experience difficulty, or do not have access to the internet, call the Own Our House contact line at +61 2 9250 7000 for assistance. Please note that for purchases made over the phone tiles will be allocated randomly by our IT system.

Website issues

Having trouble with the website or completing your purchase?

Please email us at or call the Own Our House contact line at +61 2 9250 7000.

Will the website perform better on some browsers?

For the best experience of, we encourage you to use Google Chrome or Safari. If you are using Internet Explorer 8 or below, you will not be able to fully experience the website.

I would like the image on my tile removed. What should I do?

If you would like your image and/or your name removed from the website, please email us at or call the Own Our House contact line at +61 2 9250 7000.

Use of personal information

What will the Sydney Opera House do with my personal information?

The Opera House will use donors' and any gift recipients' personal information to enable participation in the Own Our House campaign and, in the case of donors who share their tiles through social media channels, the competition. This will include personal details and images being published on the virtual tile as uploaded at the time of donation. If granted permission by donors, we will also use the information to promote the Own Our House campaign through third parties. For full details, please refer to the Own Our House Terms and Conditions and our Customer Privacy Statement.

About the Sydney Opera House

How can I find out more about the Sydney Opera House?

The Sydney Opera House is a masterpiece that belongs to all Australians. One of the world's most recognised and celebrated buildings, it contributes significantly to the cultural life of the city. The World Heritage-listed Opera House welcomes more than 8.2 million visitors on site every year and hosts 1,800 performances attended by 1.4 million people. It is one of the world's busiest cultural precincts. Visit our website or join the Insiders membership program for year-round benefits, including discounts and free events.

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